At CPN Construction we believe that sharing knowledge and information with clients is one of the keys to our success in our projects together.

Our consultation and pre-construction services provides you with numerous critical information you need in making your own well educated decision before making any type of investment, being in land or property purchases, starting renovations, singing a long term lease, or committing to other contracts.

So basically we can tell you about a lot of potential challenges, pros, cons, and limits of the space before we start building your dream project together.

Services Provided

  • General Contracting
  • Project Management
  • Consultation
  • Preconstruction services and surveys
  • Early stages Feasibility investigation, site evaluation,
  • Permits
  • Engineering
  • 3D (CBCT) X-ray Rooms build-outs
  • Medical Equipment site Preparations (Microscope, lights etc.)
  • Design
  • Budgeting
  • Warranty

Project Management

Starting form early stages of site evaluation, strategic planning, and design assistance we also provide budgeting, reporting and can manage your project in the best way possible that brings you savings in many ways.


General Contracting

Our General Contracting services would bring a comprehensive and smooth package to the table that provides our clients with perfect results using experts to complete every single task in the project while protecting and representing you (our Clients) as one of our own.

Feasibility investigation, site evaluation, and Preconstruction services

Starting a new project is a big decision and a sizeable investment. To protect your future investment we can provide you with the site evaluation and feasibility studies, using the professional experts and the newest equipment to find out if this location is the right one for your ideas and what needs to be considered. Results from early stages site evaluation can help tweak the design towards perfection.

Understanding the site that you have chosen or about to invest in is very critical. Here are some of the services that we can provide for initial stages of planning : Site and Material surveys, testing and HMS (Hazardous Material Survey) reports in case of dealing with an older building, demolitions, and hazardous Material handling and disposal.


We provide you with all the permit needs for your project and help you navigate through all the City and other authorities’ requirements of whatever nature they might be.



CPNC can provide your engineering needs throughout your project by involving professional coworkers who have worked with us building complex projects. We will manage all the engineering needs of your project whether in initial stages or during the project.

3D (CBCT) X-ray Rooms

Thinking about upgrading your PAN to a CBCT? Yes we can help you with this important upgrade in your Practice from the start to finish.


Medical Equipment site Preparations

Are you Planning on adding a new Dental or surgical equipment such as a Microscope to your existing practice, in your upcoming renovation? Yes we can help construct the necessary in this addition process and make it safe and smooth from the initial planning  to ready for installation stage.


At CPN Construction we believe informed decisions can only be achieved by involving experts in the process. Whether a Renovation or a new build, to prevent future losses by delays and surprises, we provide our clients with a range of solutions for efficiency, and a successful projects.


At CPNC we have been working with most professional and detail oriented designers in the industry with years of experience in Dental, medical, general commercial, and residential projects. An intelligent and experienced designer is the bridge between the wealth of ideas that you have about your dram project and the reality of the physical space. Please let us know to arrange meetings and site visits with these excellent designers to help you make a much stronger educated decision in your initial stages of planning.


Relying on our years of experience and our expert partners we provide a well studied comprehensive budgeting for all stages from early stages investigations to project completion. We help you plan for some hidden costs that are normally forgotten but very important. Ask us How…


CPN Construction provides a one year material and workmanship warranty on our products (Other terms and conditions may apply and adjusted for special material or circumstances).